Passive Income Ideas 2019

passive income ideas

Passive Income Ideas 2019

Today we are going to discuss Passive Income Ideas which is available online in 2019. There are so many ways to earn money online but I am going to discuss a few methods which are been used by 90% of people.

passive income ideas

Top 5 Passive Income Ideas 2019

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTube
  • Blogging
  • CPA Marketing – Cost per Action
  • Trading

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is One of the Top Most and Best way to earn money online. If you want to earn instant and recurring income to your Bank account, then this is the Best Method to earn 100$ to 1000$ in a single day.

Let me explain what is Affiliate Marketing with a short example

Affiliate Marketing is something where you register yourself as an Affiliate marketer for a product and start promoting it online using affiliate links or Banners Advertising or by Social media to earn some small commission.

For example, You register yourself as an Affiliate in Amazon. And you start promoting Amazon products using affiliate link using Banner Advertising, Facebook page or Google Ads. When people click on your affiliate link and purchase a product from Amazon, Amazon pays you a small commission to you for sending a valuable customer and generating revenue.

The Main purpose of Affiliate Marketing is, driving target customer to a specific product.


YouTube is the Biggest Video sharing service on the internet. People upload videos every day to attract more people and subscribers to earn money online.

Yes!!! What you heard is right. You can start earning online with the help of YouTube. By Uploading interesting videos on YouTube. At first, you need to create a YouTube channel with the help of your Gmail account.

In order to earn revenue with Youtube channel, You need to have a minimum of 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of Total view time.

Once your YouTube channel meets the Eligibility requirement, you can apply for Google Adsense for Monetization and start earning money by display ads.


Being a Blogger Myself… Blogging is the Best passive income idea if you are looking for Lifetime Income Online. Blogging is not a Buy Website and Get Rich Scheme. You need to invest time and money to become successful.

To be frank and honest, Nowadays people realize the true power of blogging and started building websites to earn money online. But I would like to give a heads-up, Blogging is not so easy you need to choose the right topic to create a blog about so that you can earn money from it.

I heard most of the people saying Blogging doesn’t work for them, because they choose the wrong topic and they don’t know how to proceed further and another set of people who don’t know how to monetize their blog to earn money.

When it comes to blogging, You need to have only One Mantra in your Mind Always “Never Give Up“. Most bloggers fail since they give up so easily.

If you have a Passion towards Blogging, And you can start building your Blog or website today. Start building your superfast website using Siteground.

Web Hosting

CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing is more or less similar to Affiliate Marketing. In CPA Marketing, People promote affiliate products or service using links and Banners. But there is a Big difference in it.

In CPA Marketing, People also get a commission for sending traffic as well. But in Affiliate Marketing, you will only get commission until unless someone purchases the product using an affiliate link.

CPA – Cost Per Action. CPA means sending a visitor to an affiliate link to perform an Action. That action can be a Sign-Up Form or purchasing product or Registering to a Service or Downloading a Mobile App. Its all depends upon the Advertiser requirement.

I do hear a lot of people saying, Driving traffic to a Sign-up form also resulted in getting Great commission as well.  There are so many CPA Networks available online and Maxbounty is the Best CPA Network according to me.

Online Trading

If you want to earn money Instant by investing a small amount and earning Big returns then Online Trading is the right choice for you.

Disclaimer: This is Not an Investment Advise, When it comes to Online Trading, There is always High Risk Involved think before you invest.

There are so many Online Trading platforms available online. So choose the Right trading platform don’t fall into scam sites. If you want me to recommend from my personal experience I have used IQ options and Olymptrade. But you go ahead and invest in any site, Always check for reviews about the site.

When compared to other trading platforms, The Best thing I like about IQ options is, The Minimum Investment to Trade is $10.

I have used IQ Options for a very long time and I got payments as mentioned in their guidelines. If you have any queries feel free to contact their support anytime.

Note: Before trading with your Original Money, Always practice Online trading using the practice account provided by IQ options.

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